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Trail Wire Dispensers

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A trail wire dispenser is required for CIS and Combined DCVG/CIS surveys but is not required for DCVG-only surveys. Our Hip Pack Wire Dispenser accommodates either a 1 mile (# 30 gauge) or a 3 mile (# 34 gauge) trail wire spool, while our Back Mounted Wire Dispenser accommodates the 1 mile (#30 gauge), the 3 mile (#34 gauge) or a 5 mile (#30 gauge) trail wire spool. When our wire measurer and audible display units are used in conjunction with one of our wire dispensers, an audible signal is generated every 2.5 feet (or every meter, in the case of the metric system) and the operator triggers readings (via push-button data-probes) in response to the audible signal. Alternatively, readings can be triggered automatically via the trigger cable that’s supplied when a dispenser with wire measurer is purchased. (Note: Automatic triggering is not possible for Combined DCVG/CIS surveys, as in this case the DCVG voltage is recorded first (at each measurement location) and the CIS voltage recordings are triggered internally by the data-logger software).