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Soil Resistivity Testing Equipment

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M.C. Miller is your one-stop shop for all of your soil resistivity testing needs. Soil resistivity testing is covered by various Standards, including “ASTM G57”, regarding 4-electrode methodologies, and, “ASTM G187” & “AASHTO T-288”, regarding 2-electrode methodologies, and our equipment allows field personnel to collect soil resistivity data in accordance with these Standard. In addition to offering items on an individual basis, such as soil pins, test reels and soil boxes, an equipment package is available, known as the Soil Resistivity Test Kit (Item #156225). The final item required for soil resistivity testing, in addition to the items comprising the Test Kit, is a 4 –terminal resistance meter. We have you covered in this regard as well with our analog resistance meter, the Miller 400A (Item #44500) and, the Miller 400D digital resistance meter (Item #44550). These are state-of-art resistance meters that when combined with the Test Kit equipment make soil resistivity testing a breeze. M. C. Miller’s Test Kit equipment can also be used with other manufacturer’s resistance meters, such as the Nilsson 400 Resistance Meter, for example, or with our CP System Multi-meters, in conjunction with a power source.