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Cathodic Protection Coupons & Accessories

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IR-Free Coupons can be used to determine the true polarized potential of a buried metallic structure without having to interrupt all sources of current flowing in the soil that have an influence on the structure-to-soil potential. As indicated in the 2004 NACE Standard (Recommended Practice) on “The Use of Coupons for Cathodic Protection Monitoring Applications” [RP0104-2004], the size of a CP coupon should simulate the largest anticipated coating holiday size on the buried structure occurring in the area of the coupon (the area under investigation). Also, the NACE Standard indicates that the coupon material should be similar to the material of the structure under investigation. Finally, the Standard indicates that coupons can be in ring, cylindrical, circular-plate, and rectangular-plate shapes. M. C. Miller manufactures a variety of “standard” coupon designs for the cathodic protection industry and we also encourage custom orders.

Regarding custom coupons, the following parameters should be specified to M. C. Miller:

  • Material requirement (to match the structure) – carbon steel (with desired AISI number), ductile iron etc.
  • Area of exposed metal requirement (surface area of coupon metal that will be in contact with the soil)
  • Coupon shape requirement – cylindrical, circular plate etc.
  • Cable requirement – AWG # of stranded wire (or mm2), type of insulation (THHN, HMWPE, XLPE/PVC etc.)
  • Color of the insulation, number of cables (one or two) and length of cables
M. C. Miller also manufactures a 2 inch diameter PVC single coupon holder and a 2 inch diameter PVC double coupon holder that are used to secure a single coupon or two coupons, respectively. The holder with coupon (or coupons) attached can be conveniently cemented to a customer’s 2 inch diameter PVC tube.