Compact Solid State Decoupler

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Tested & Certified
All M.C.Miller Decouplers are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Each unit is tested and certified to ensure specification compliance and a serialized certificate is provided with each order.

The Compact Solid State Decoupler (SSD) functions as a DC voltage level clamping device in buried pipeline and storage tank systems.

  • Smaller Compact Design
  • Isolation Switch can be built into the unit to remove Interference for Survey and testing. (Optional Feature)
  • Wide range of options to suit specifications and design requirements
  • Sharp Turn on Feature
  • Solid State Technology
  • Short Circuit to Ground - “effective ground fault path”
  • Limited application
  • Easy installation and optional accessories

Please note: this compact unit is designed to fit into a customer supplied (secondary) enclosure. This compact decoupler housing offers no environmental certifications.

It can, at the same time, mitigate AC voltage. This feature allows up to 45A AC induced current to pass and prevents the flow of DC current while the DC voltage remains below the predetermined design blocking threshold. When the DC voltage exceeds the threshold, the device instantly switches on forming a near short circuit across the circuit and limits the DC voltage of the device under Cathodic Protection. Immediately, the voltage falls as the surge event passes and decays to below the threshold level, the SSD switches off and reverts to its blocking mode (“Off State”).

These types of devices do not fully comply with NFP 70 guidelines when they are in conduction mode. Both cathodic protection applied DC and Induced AC present on the operating circuit (Insulated / coated Structure) is short circuited (to Ground). Once “on”, current flowing through the device can maintain these devices in the conducting state even when the voltage fault threshold has fallen below the level set. Their application can result in surging of cathodic protection power supplies.

Typical current discharge limits are 1.2kA, 2kA, 3.7kA, and 5kA for 30 cycles. Greater discharge limits are available but are by special request.

Solid State Decoupler (SSD) devices are typically factory set to standard thresholds ranging from +2V to –2V through –20V.



Additional Information:

General Specification:


  • Available with AC fault current rating 1.2kA, 2kA, 3.7kA, and 5kA for 30 cycles
  • Wide DC clamping voltage range +2V, -2V, -5.6 V, -9.2 V , -12.8 V, -16.4 V, -20 V
  • High steady state DC current drain
  • 60 Hz AC impedance of 0.04 Ω (Extra)
  • AC steady state current 45 A @ 50/60 Hz (Extra)
  • Lightning impulse current rating Class 1: 100 kA for 10/350 µs
  • Lightning DC spark over voltage -600 V