Why choose a M.C. Miller SWITCHMODE RECTIFIER over the Traditional TRANSFORMER RECTIFIER?
  1. Automatic with 3 modes of control
  2. Can be used in all CP applications
  3. Increased efficiency of output, up to 95% compared to inefficient Transformers
  4. Increased efficiency means less heat production and is thermodynamically more stable for warm environment applications
  5. Smaller and lighter than typical Transformer Rectifier Counterpart
  6. Smaller & Lighter equals lower shipping costs
  7. Go green with lower carbon footprint & Solar options
  8. High Quality DC output improve CP Spread
  9. Lower AC Power consumption
  10. Less copper to reduce cost, weight & theft
Accessories, Options, Spares:
  1. Several installation mounting Options
    • Floor Mount
    • Wall Mount
    • Pole Mount
  2. Cables, Cable Glands, Terminals and Connectors
  3. Rectifier Spares
  4. Multiple enclosure color options available


Rectifier, Switchmode Technology

Portable Rectifier

Item: 704830

Portable Rectifier

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