M.C.Miller Switch Mode Rectifier

Switch Mode Rectifiers are known for their quality, efficiency, service life and workmanship. Switch mode rectifiers have been used for many years and this demonstrates the quality service they provide.Many extra features can be installed in order to fit the specific Cathodic Protection needs. The switch mode rectifier is a newer technology and is significantly more advanced than transformer rectifiers, utilizing high frequency switching devices, resulting in far greater feedback responsiveness, efficiency and service life.

Switch mode Cathodic Protection rectifiers can typically be used with corrosion protection on pipelines, tank farms and other vulnerable metals that are at risk of corrosion, where impressed DC currents are required.

Benefits and Features of M.C.Miller's Switch Mode Rectifiers


  • High efficiency of up to 95%
  • Significantly lower cost than a Transformer rectifier
  • Half the size of a Transformer rectifier
  • Single phase and more efficient rectification across the output range
  • Light weight design
  • 30% less operating temperature than a Transformer rectifier
  • Output DC ripple is less than 200mV
  • Integrated remote monitoring


  • Automatic PID output feedback control (Constant voltage , constant current, constant reference potential and iterative instant off)
  • Heavy duty power factor correction rectification
  • Single phase wide range voltage input 90-260 VAC
  • Input frequency range 47-63 Hz
  • High frequency switching for maximum efficiency of up to 95%
  • Digital metering with backlight for voltage, current and reference potential

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