Our IR-Free Coupon was built to YOUR exacting specifications

We listened to you to find out what corrosion and cathodic protection engineers want in a corrosion coupon. You said accuracy, precision and reliability. You also said you wanted a corrosion coupon that was cost-effective to use.

In development for 10 years, M.C. Miller's IR-free corrosion coupon accurately measures the integrity of pipeline cathodic protection systems without the need to intrerrupt all current sources. This revolutionary device is designed for easy installation next to existing test stations. It also withstands harsh field environments and eliminates the effects of stray earth currents, producing accurate measurements every time.

Built for Accuracy...and Precision

Unlike other corrosion coupons, M.C. Miller's IR-free coupon is designed to evaluate cathodic protection systems without interrupting rectifiers, foreign bonds, or sacrificial anodes. The coupon consists of a bare, cold-rolled steel cylinder head and No. 12 stranded wires, which are inserted alongside a 2-inch PVC tube. The PVC tube shields the reference electrode from potential gradients, resulting in accurate, precise cathodic protection measurements. These measurements also meet anticipated federal regulations and industry standards for considering IR drop in structure-to-soil potential readings.

Built to Last

Like all M .C. Miller products, our IR-free corrosion coupon is built to last. The wire-coupon interface is environmentally sealed to keep the steel, copper, and solder components corrosion-free, making the coupon virtually indestructible.