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ProActive CP Data Management Software

ProActive® is an innovative database system for managing, summarizing and reporting all collected information pertaining to pipeline integrity. The system is ProActive in the sense that the summary screens and reports focus on maximizing pipeline integrity by eliminating problem areas, and identifying and reversing deleterious data trends.

The program facilitates data entry of cathodic protection data, via direct download from data-logger equipment and also via optimized manual data entry. A complete inventory of all devices arrayed along a pipeline is maintained, complete with important specifications and contact information, as well as device-specific ancillary information, a history of readings, and an audit trail of all changes. Certain pipeline features such as anomalies, spans, coatings and sleeves are also tracked within the database.

M. C. Miller data-loggers are fully-supported by ProActive and they work together to provide an integrated hardware/software solution to your CP pipeline integrity data management needs.

The figure below summarizes the major functional aspects of both our data-loggers and the ProActive system and also illustrates the interdependent nature of the relationship between the two products.

The ProActive database is an integral part of the ProActive system. This database is where all historical CP data are stored and where new data (current data) are posted and integrated with previously recorded data.

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ProActive Features
  • ProActive is easy to use and has extensive functionality.
  • Configure a database with ease design your own database to represent your pipeline system or to represent your customers and their pipelines.
  • Easily populate your line segments with sites (rectifiers, bonds, test points etc.) and manage all pertinent information for each site in ProActive.
  • Build routes with ease and download route data to M. C. Miller data-loggers for automatic collection of site survey data or generate Excel spreadsheets for manual data entry of site data.
  • Easily download site data from M. C. Miller data-loggers (or import spreadsheet data) and automatically update your ProActive database.
  • Easily download CIS and DCVG survey data from M. C. Miller data-loggers and conveniently associate these data with appropriate line segments in your ProActive database.
  • Easily edit pipeline survey data (as required) via a convenient graphical presentation of the data.
  • Easily import other pipeline survey data, such as PCM, GPS right-of-way and SmartPig data, and associate these data with appropriate line segments in your ProActive database.
  • Easily design graphical and textual report formats for repeated use. For instance: Present survey data in association with line segments overlaid on topographical/photographical maps when GPS right-of-way data are available.
  • Detailed descriptions of each of the above functions can be found in the
    ProActive Training Manual:Single-User Version and the ProActive Training Manual:Client-Server Version.