40 Amp Cronos Current Interrupter Unit (GPS)

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All new M. C. Miller Current Interruptors include a Calibration Certificate

  • Rugged M. C. Miller Co. design, highly reliable, easy to operate and very competitively-priced
  • Precision clock-timing even with an intermittent view of the GPS satellites
  • Two years of continuous (current interruption) operation on a single set of replaceable "D" cell batteries - no need to recharge the unit every few days

NOTE: Although the batteries are the same physical size as regular “D” cell batteries, they are 3.6V, rather than the standard 1.5 V “D” cells. The 3.6 V “D” cells (19 Ah capacity) are available from M. C. Miller (see 'Replacement Parts')

  • Easy to program via a PC or can "quick select" via the keypad
  • 40 Amp relay (internal relay) rated at 120 V AC/DC
  • Solid-state (non-polarity dependent) relay - no unit orientation or polarity concerns
  • Only 1 mV dropped across the relay per Amp - both small and large currents can be interrupted
  • Fully-automated current-interruption programs can be started in the field with the push of a single button

40 Amp Cronos units ship with the following items:

  • Cronos-to-PC cable (RS232 cable with USB adapter)
  • Cronos-to-Cronos communication cable
  • 6 ft long flexible #2 AWG cable set with lug terminals for rectifier connection

The Cronos software package can be downloaded here

Maximum Current: 40 Amps at 120V (4,800 watts) internal relay
Maximum Working Voltage: 170V DC (either polarity), 120Vrms (50/60Hz)
Voltage Drop: 11.1mV per Amp Suitable for interrupting low Voltage bonds and anodes
Overload Protection: 75kW(10/100µs); 500kW(8/20µs) 1.2kA peak @ clamp voltage.
Auto thermal shutdown at 105oC.
Isolation to ground: 12,000 Volts
Power Consumption: Runs on 2 "D" Cell batteries (3.6V, 19Ah)
Battery-life depends on programmable settings - 2 years continuous operation typical on
default settings.
Time Standards: UTC (default) or GPS; Synchronization @ 00.00 (default) or @ start
time; Local –Offset; user defined to ensure consistency
Clock/Interruption Accuracy: 1ms max. deviation with satellites in view
0.5 ms per hour without satellites in view
Re-acquires precision time when satellites return to view
Temperature compensated range: -40oC to +85oC.
Temperature Range: Relay Operation: -40oC to +85oC
LCD Operation: -20oC to +70oC
Dimensions: 9in x 11in x 6in
Weight: 15.4lbs

Multiple Unit Programming:
Cronos PC software allows personal settings to be created and saved for future
download to Cronos units, or a "master" Cronos unit can be used to automatically program
other Cronos units.

Setup Options:
• On/Off 0.1 to 99 sec. 0.1 sec increments
• Start and stop date and time
• Begin cycle with relay open or closed
• Close relay at end of work day
• Start cycle at beginning of work day
• Switching offsets ±500ms (both On-to-Off and Off-to-On) – allows for use of other relay