Banana Jack Dual Probe Adapter

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The Banana Jack Dual Probe Adapter is a replacement part for the Gx Belt Pack (Item #11709) with Banana Plug Dual Probe Adapter.

Includes a 2 ft (0.61 m) long banana plug cable (#16 AWG wire with black PVC insulation) with two shrouded right-angled banana plugs.

This dual probe adapter item is also compatible with the Gx Belt Pack (Model 1) (Item #11710) and Gx Belt Pack (Model 2) (Item #11740) products.

The adapter has two 5-pin (input) connectors, to accommodate our 5-pin data-probe cables, and one (output) safety banana jack, for data-logger connection.

This dual probe adapter is designed to be used in conjunction with our Automatic Trigger Cable (Item #SIN024) for the automatic triggering of CIS readings, as opposed to the manual use of data probe push button switches.