Cane Adapter for LC-4.5 Meter

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The Cane Adapter Plate Accessory for the LC-4.5 Voltmeter allows convenient use by combining the voltmeter and an extension rod/cane into one unit.

  • The Cane Adapter Plate Accessory attaches to a cane or pole and combines the meter and cane as a single, easily maneuverable unit.
  • The cane adapter plate can be used with any M.C.Miller 1.0 inch electrode extension rod or M.C.Miller data probe canes.
  • The Velcro® strap secures any similarly sized meter, including those made by Fluke and Beckman.
  • The cane adapter plate swivels 90 degrees and may be positioned horizontally or vertically for easy screen read out.
  • Weight: 0.65 pounds (0.295 kg)
  • Adapter Fitment: ±1.0 inch (±2.54 cm) Diameter