IonX40 Copper/Copper Sulfate Permanent Electrode

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  • Zero leakage of half-cell filling solution - electrode does not leak any corrosive elements into the soil
  • Zero contamination of electrode by electrolyte - electrode half-cell potential is not affected by electrolyte elements, such as chloride ions
  • Copper/copper sulfate electrode potentials are in the range 316 mV ±10 mV @ 25 °C versus the Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE)

Design Lifetime: 40 years
Electrical Contact Area (with soil): 16.5 sq. inches
Overall length: 16 inches
Max. Diameter: 3 inches
Weight (not including wire): 2.7 pounds
Wire Length: 25 feet
Wire Gauge: #12 AWG stranded copper wire with XLPE insulation.