Land Kit

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The Land Kit, Ag/Ag reference electrode, is supplied with a standard filling solution (3.5 M KCl), which acts as the electrolyte. This is a known electrolyte which can be used where the salinity of the sea water is unknown, as in brackish, fresh water/sea inlets.

This is ideally suited for areas where chlorides would contaminate the standard copper sulfate electrode. These areas would include concrete bridge decks (de-icing salts), swamps and marsh lands.

  • Convenient protective carrying case
  • Form-fit foam insert to secure kit components
  • Ag/Ag Electrode:
  • 3.5M KCI Electrode Filling Solution, 2oz (Item #13200)
  • Instruction Manual (MAN340)
  • Electrode Connector end: Male 1/4-20 Threaded End with Thumb Nut