RE-5C Electrode without Copper Sulfate crystals

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Features & Benefits
  • Copper/Copper Sulfate reference electrode with rugged, flat surface ceramic plug.
  • High purity copper rod and robust Lexan tube.
  • Electrode has a transparent “window” to view the condition of the saturated copper sulfate solution.
  • The saturated copper sulfate solution is prepared (inside the Lexan tube) by the end user, according to the provided instructions.

NOTE: This model DOES NOT come with copper sulfate crystals so that they may be imported to countries that do not allow their import. The customer will need to be able to purchase copper sulfate crystals locally in order to use these electrodes.

  • Length: 6.75 inches (17.15 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.375 inches (3.49 cm)
  • Dry Weight: 5 ounces (0.142 kg)
  • Connector end: Male 1/4-20 Threaded End with Thumb Nut