RE-5C Field Kit - AF

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RE-5C Field Kit for use with our RE-5C Reference Electrode (cone/conical plug assembly).

  • RE-5C Field Kit contains:
    • (1) Leak Proof Case (Item #CAS0155)
    • (1) RE-5C Portable Electrode (Item #15210)
    • (1) RE-5C Plug Assembly (Item #15505)
    • (1) 4 Oz. Bottle of Copper Sulfate Antifreeze Solution
    • (1) 6 Oz. Bottle Copper Sulfate Crystals
    • (1) Spare RE-5C Protective Cap (Item #15902)
    • (4) Spare O-Rings (Item #ELE016) for Plug Assembly
    • (1) Green Cleaning Pad

Please Note: When using gel or antifreeze solution with an RE series portable electrode, there will be a 12mV shift in the potential. This should be noted when interpreting the resulting readings.

How to set up your new electrode for field use:

How to maintain your electrode after use: