Shrouded Stackup Banana Plug

DIY 4 mm Solderless Stacking Shrouded Banana Plug screw Attachment, designed to fit on the end of 12 AWG wire. Shrouded Banana plugs keep a secure connection and do not warp shrouded jacks, as opposed to standard banana plugs.

Assembly Instructions
  1. Insert the wire into the lower hole of the tail housing.
  2. Strip a .25" of the wire.
  3. Put the stripped wire into the plug assembly hole, located on its side. Tighten the set-screw using a 1.5 mm allen Wrench.
  4. Push the Plug assembly through the tail housings upper hole and ensure the wire has no slack.
  5. Affix the Tail Housing into the Sheath Housing. 

    Color and quantity selection can be made in the table below. Wire sold separately. 


  • DIY 4 mm Stacking Shrouded Banana Plug screw Attachment. 
  • Polypropylene Insulator Body
  • Nickle Plated Brass Plug
  • Maximum wire size of 12AWG
  • Maximum insulation size of 4 mm.
  • Voltages of 1000V CAT III | 600V CAT IV
  • Maximum current of 36A
  • Internal Resistance is <10 mΩ
  • Operating temperature range of -4ºF (-20ºC) to +176ºF (+80ºC) 
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Shrouded Stackup Banana, Black
Shrouded Stackup Banana, Black
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Shrouded Stackup Banana, Red
Shrouded Stackup Banana, Red
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