4 Pin Soil Test Reel #44900

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Single, 4 wire reel system offering a maximum pin spacing, with respect to a 4-pin linear array (Wenner methodology), of 20 ft (approx. 6.5 meters). The reel is positioned at one end of a 4-pin linear array. Please see the Instruction Manual to view the single reel configuration.

The single reel wiring system comes with a 4-Pin Test Reel Leads Set used to connect the four reel wires to a 4-terminal resistance meter (see Miller 400A or Miller 400D).

The reel has the following features:

  • Industrial grade thermoplastic construction
  • Floor set zinc coated frame with high strength, lightweight ground anchors (qty: 2)
  • Lightweight design with ergonomic handle
  • Houses four color coded banana jack terminals (on one side of the reel) for banana plug cable connection to a 4-terminal resistance meter
  • Drum brake to avoid unreeling or over-reeling

• 8" Diameter
• One 65 ft long black wire, one 45 ft long red wire, 25 ft long orange wire and one 5 ft long yellow wire (all four wires are # 16 AWG with PVC insulation)
• 4 banana jack terminals: One black, one red, one orange and one yellow colored.
• Weight: