Gx Test Site Survey Data-logger

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All new M.C.Miller meters include a Calibration Certificate.

  • Comes loaded with M. C. Miller's Test Site Survey application
  • Integrates with ProActive, M.C.Miller's corrosion control data management application
  • Data-types are customizable for each of your test sites and each test site can be GPS position stamped
  • High-resolution date/time stamped photos can be taken at your test sites during a route and recorded images are posted directly to the ProActive database
  • Sub-meter GPS position resolution
  • Vehicle Charger
  • Hard plastic carry case
  • GPS Patch antenna
  • AC charger/adapter
  • USB adapter (A to mini-B)
  • Serial cable
  • USB host cable (A to mini-B)
  • Two shrouded test leads

Please Note: M.C.Miller Data-Loggers and meters are to be used with M.C.Miller approved software only.

Please Also Note: The Test Site Survey application requires our ProActive database management software.

  • Integrated M. C. Miller voltmeter
  • Integrated Sub-Meter GPS receiver (WAAS-enabled)
  • Built-in 5MP digital camera with auto-focus and illumination
  • Serial port available for an external GPS receiver connection, if required
  • 320x240 pixel (3.5 inch) color LCD touch-screen (indoor/outdoor viewing)
  • 55-key alphabetic-order keypad
  • Windows CE 5.0 operating system
  • Xscale processor (624MHz)
  • 256MB SDRAM
  • 2GB Flash memory (non-volatile memory for survey data storage)
  • Serial (RS232) & USB outputs
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Two re-chargeable 2500mAh Li-Ion batteries (5000mAh total capacity) [40+ hours operation*] - both batteries are required for unit operation.
  • IP67 rated (1 meter immersion)
  • Satisfies MIL-STD-810F (wind-blown rain)
  • Operating temp range:-4°F to 122 °F (-20°C to 50°C). Note: The -20°C lower operating temperature limit applies only if a protective screen cover is not used.
  • Storage temp range (no battery): -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Dimensions: 12.5” x 5.31” x 2.31”
  • Weight: 2.64 lbs

Voltmeter range, display resolution and accuracy specifications for the Gx Data-logger

Channel, Input Impedance & Response Time (to 99% of final value)
VDC: Range Display Resolution Accuracy(% reading value)
40mVDC, 10MΩ, 80ms 0.01mV ±0.2% ±0.08mV
400mVDC, 10MΩ, 80ms 0.1mV ±0.2% ±0.6mV
5.7VDC, 400MΩ, 80ms 0.001V ±0.2% ±0.004V
40VDC, 75MΩ, 80ms 0.01V ±0.2% ±0.04V
57VDC, 75MΩ, 2ms 0.01V ±0.2% ±0.04V
57VDC, 400MΩ, 50ms 0.01V ±0.2% ±0.04V
400VDC, 75MΩ, 80ms 0.1V ±0.2% ±0.4V
570VDC, 75MΩ, 2ms 0.1V ±0.2% ±0.4V
VAC: Range Display Resolution Accuracy(% reading value)
40VAC, 75MΩ, 1.35s 0.01V ±1.0% ±0.06V
400VAC, 75MΩ, 1.35s 0.1V ±1.0% ±0.6V
AC range specifications valid over 10-1000Hz frequency range and 5-100% of full scale range

Battery life estimates(hours):
Backlight Intensity Level 5% 50% 100%
No Applications Running 43.8 26.6 19.0
MCM Survey Application Running
(Voltmeter and GPS Receiver Active)
23.0 16.7 13.3

Please contact M.C.Miller at 772-794-9448 or email technicalsupport@mcmiller.com for Test Site Survey download information.