Gx Test Site Survey Application

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The Test Site Survey application is included with the Gx Test Site Survey Data-logger (Item #11250), and the application can also be licensed for use on the Gx Pipeline Survey Data-logger (Item #11275).

Integrates with ProActive, M.C.Miller’s corrosion control data management application. Data-types are customizable for each of your test sites and each test site can be GPS position stamped.

High-resolution date/time stamped photos can be taken at your test sites during a route and recorded images are posted directly to the ProActive database

The Test Site Survey application requires our ProActive database management solution to build testing routes with the proper data prompts and then collective data import for reporting and analysis.

Please contact M.C.Miller at 772-794-9448 or email technicalsupport@mcmiller.com for Test Site Survey download information.