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Event: Donations 11-01-2018

M.C.Miller employees participated in a donation drive to help those affected by Hurricane Michael and other local charities that help those in need. @HALO_rescue   @TheSource

Event: Fond Farewell 10-29-2018

M.C.Miller's friends and family would like to thank Edward Mone for 12 years of dedicated service and wish him the best in pursuing opening his own business in Palm Bay, Florida!

Event: CookOff - Spooktacular! 10-24-2018

M.C.Miller employees participated in a Halloween-themed CookOff - Spooktacular! where teams cooked up friendly foods disguised as haunted goodies. Congratulations to Team 4 (Assy/QC) for their win!

Event: Bowling! 09-21-2018

M.C.Miller employees gathered after-hours once again for a fun filled time featuring Bowling!

Event: Surprise CookOff! 09-21-2018

M.C.Miller employees participated in a cookoff with a Surprise theme coupled with an impromptu birthday celebration! Congratulations to IT/Engineering for their first (of many) wins!

Event: Welcome Aboard! 08-29-2018

M.C.Miller would like to welcome Dave Stroth to the M.C.Miller team!

Dave Stroth - Machine Shop

Event: Bowling! 07-27-2018

M.C.Miller employees participated in a friendly after-hours bowling event at Strike Zone!

Event: Stuff-it or Stick-it Cook Off! 07-27-2018

M.C.Miller employees took part in another CookOff featuring a Stuff-It or Stick-It theme where foods were either stuffed, on-a-stick, or both! Congratulations to the Shop+ team on their win!

Event: Hello World! 07-09-2018

M.C.Miller would like to congratulate Ruben & Maria on their new addition to the family! And welcome Baby Ruben to the world!

Baby Ruben
5lb 1oz and 17in
June 23rd, 2018 at 9:23pm

Event: 2018 Scholarship Awards and Finger Food Cook Off! 06-28-2018

This event's CookOff featured a Finger Food theme and teams devised devishly delicious bite-sized morsels ranging from PB-and-J to meats-on-a-stick! But in the end, the bugs won. Congratulations to Team 2 (Office)!

2018's scholarships were also awarded during this event. Congratulations to 2018's 5 recipients!

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