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MCM News & Events Page 6

News: Farewell 04-16-2021

The M.C Miller family would like to wish Stephen Gregory a fond farewell. We thank him for his 5 years of dedicated service to the company and we wish him much success in his future endeavors.

Event: Welcome Aboard! 03-29-2021

M.C.Miller would like to welcome Antonio Rios to the M.C.Miller team!

Antonio Rios - SMT Operator

Event: Welcome Aboard! 03-08-2021

M.C.Miller would like to welcome Augustine Savoca to the M.C.Miller team!

Augustine Savoca - Engineer

Event: Welcome Back! 02-08-2021

M.C.Miller would like to welcome back Rick Taylor to the M.C.Miller team!

Rick Taylor - QA

News: Congratulations! 01-27-2021

M.C.Miller would like to congratulate Gwyn Hilberts on promotion to Operations Manager at M.C.Miller Co., Inc!

Gwyn Hilberts - Operations Manager

Event: Welcome Aboard! 01-18-2021

M.C.Miller would like to welcome Austin Britz to the M.C.Miller team!

Austin Britz - Android Developer

News: Congratulations! 01-01-2021

M.C.Miller would like to congratulate Lori Gargiule on promotion to CO-CEO of M.C.Miller Co., Inc!

Lori Gargiule - CO-CEO

News: 15 Years! 05-16-2020

M.C.Miller Co., Inc. would like to recognize Paula Wiley for 15 years of service with the company. Keep up the good work!

Event: Welcome Aboard! 02-03-2020

M.C.Miller would like to welcome Tanner Weir to the M.C.Miller team!

Tanner Weir - Machinist Trainee

News: Farewell 01-17-2020

M.C Miller bid farewell to a great employee, Leo Terra Da Silva. Leo is moving to a new area and a new life journey has begun for him and his family. Leo was a dedicated and valued employee at M.C Miller for 6 years. We wish Leo and his family great success in their new family journey. Leo will always be welcome back anytime!

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