Small Soil Box

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Our Small Soil Box, which has a 80 ml (80 cm³) volume is compatible with 4-Terminal Resistance Meters such as the Miller 400A, the Miller 400D and the Nilsson 400 Resistance Meters.

Miller Soil Boxes can be used to satisfy either the 4-electrode method (ASTM G57 Standard) or the 2-electrode methods (ASTM G187 or AASHTO T-288 Standards).

For the 2-electrode method, the two interior pins are removed which changes the multiplication factor from 1 cm (for the 4-electrode method) to either 0.67 cm for the small box or to 0.57 cm for the large box. Please see the following link for details: ASTM G57 and AASHTO T-288 Standard Methodologies.

  • Plexiglas body with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel current distribution plates and removable brass pins (potential measurement pins)

Critical Dimensions (for 4-electrode method, i.e. the two interior pins are in use): The soil boxes are designed such that the cross-sectional area of the soil (or liquid) sample (A), with the box filled level, divided by the separation between the pins (L) is equal to 1 cm.

  • Cross-sectional area = 3 cm x 2.4 cm = 7.2 cm²
  • Pin separation = 7.2cm
  • A / L = 1 cm

Soil Box Example: M.C.Miller Factory Tap Water

Measured Resistance = 1.97 kΩ
Resistivity Value = 1.97 kΩ x 1cm
= 1,970 Ω.cm
[Hence, MCM Water Conductivity = 507 µS/cm]
  • Overall Length (with terminals in place): 6.25 inches (15.87 cm)
  • Overall Width (with terminals in place): 2.5 inches (6.35 cm)
  • Height: 1.25 inches (3.17 cm)
  • Interior Volume: 80 ml (80 cm³) (4.882 in³)