SRM Test Box

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The Soil Resistivity Meter Test Box #15630 is a tool to help the field technician diagnose problems encountered when conducting a soil resistivity survey. This is done by confirming the soil resistivity meter is performing properly. By ruling out the meter as a source of error, the technician can then troubleshoot the external connections or associated cables to determine the cause. Built for outdoor environments and ease of use. Test Box, Test Leads (Item #15635) and Certificate of Conformance (COC) Included

Please Note: The resistor test kit (15630) is provided as a convenient way of verifying the proper operation of our soil resistivity meters in the field by checking the meter function without being connected to the extension leads.

  • Selectable Resistance Values:
  100 Ω
  200 Ω
  500 Ω
  900 Ω
  1,000 Ω
  5,000 Ω
  10,000 Ω
  20,000 Ω
  30,000 Ω
  • Tolerances for all ranges: ±1% Full-Scale