SRM Test Leads #15635

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Soil Resistivity Meter Test Leads

Includes 6 test leads (2 Red, 2 Black and 2 Orange). The red and black come with banana plugs on both ends, for connection to one of our 4-Terminal Resistance meters and to the SRM Test Box (Item #15630). Each is 2 feet in length. The orange test leads come with a banana plug on one end and a stackable banana plug on the other. These are 6 inches long and are for use as jumper cables.

Note: These are already included with the SRM Test Box (Item #15630) and are to be used in conjunction with the Test Box.

Please Note: The resistor test kit (15630) is provided as a convenient way of verifying the proper operation of our soil resistivity meters in the field by checking the meter function without being connected to the extension leads.