Gx Time Chart Recorder Application

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With the Gx Time Chart Recorder application, voltages are logged as a function of time at a fixed location and the voltage data is time-stamped using either the data-logger’s internal clock or the GPS clock (user selectable).

Typically, time-stamped “structure-to-electrolyte” data collected over a period of time is used to examine the impact of stray current on a structure.

Telluric current pick-up (and discharge) from a buried pipeline is an example of stray current affecting a structure. Other examples include current induced by DC railway and DC welding systems.

One of the principal uses of the Gx Time Chart Recorder application is to provide data that can be used to correct CIPS data, should correction be required, i.e. should non-steady-state voltages be detected at fixed locations in the vicinity of a pipe section under test.

The Gx Time Chart Recorder application can be licensed for use on both the Gx Pipeline Survey Data-logger (Item #11275) and the Gx Test Site Survey Data-logger (Item #11250).

Please contact M.C.Miller at 772-794-9448 or email technicalsupport@mcmiller.com for Time Chart Recorder download information.