RE-375 (AF) Electrode

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RE-375 Electrode with Anti-Freeze

  • Potential measurements through small holes
  • Probe into bore holes or paving inserts
  • Packaged with antifreeze
  • Precision-machined for reliable, leak-proof seals
  • Non-leak tubular carrying case
  • Supplied with a charge of copper sulfate crystals inside the Lexan tube

Cannot be extended. For extendable RE-375 electrodes, see EXT-375 15" and EXT-375 30".

The RE-375 Reference Electrode can be integrated with our Digital Potential Meter and our Analog Potential Meter using our Threaded Adapter.

The Threaded Adapter allows the standard RE-5 electrode that’s supplied with our potentials meters to be substituted by a RE-375 electrode.

Length: 6.75in
Contact area Diameter: .375in